One of the main economic activities of Liveineco is the construction of eco-houses.

What is an eco-house? A house the construction of which is based on natural materials that allow the house to breathe on its own and does not require expensive ventilation systems to ensure the flow of fresh air in the house. Various natural materials are used for floor, wall and roof insulation, which the customer can choose at their own discretion.

There are quite a lot of possible insulation materials to choose from. For example – wood fibre wool, wood fibre boards, eco wool, hemp wool, sheep wool insulation, clay and lime plaster for walls.

Metal covering, rolled profile tin covering, and clay tiles or wooden tiles or shingles are used for roofing. Walls can be built from straw panels. Windows and doors are made of wood.

Liveineco provides quality services for the following orders:

✅ Construction of autonomous houses

✅ Construction of eco-houses

✅ House restoration

✅ Restoration of antiques

✅ Straw mattresses

✅ Straw panels

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